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Prepping Your Furnace for Winter with Right Time HVAC


Our Checklist for Getting Ready for Winter

woman wearing warm red socks in winterHere in Nashville, TN, our cold months get COLD. And the best way to combat the freezing weather when it rolls around? Make sure your furnace is ready to rumble! We know that you want to feel confident that your heating system is going to start (and run smoothly) when you flip the switch on the thermostat to heat.

But how do you know if your HVAC system is good to go for winter? As your Middle-Tennessee HVAC experts, we have put together a quick list of what you can do to prep for winter this year. Cover all your bases with expert advice from Right Time HVAC!

If you’re worried that your furnace won’t make it through the cold season, don’t wait to see a professional. When your furnace is on the fritz, it’s the Right Time to call an expert HVAC team in Nashville, TN, for repairs and replacements! Give our team a call for quick, reliable HVAC service.

3 Ways You Can Prepare for Cold Months Ahead

Your heating system is your number one tool for staying comfortable on chilly nights and days. But without a little maintenance every year, a LOT can go wrong when it comes to your HVAC system. Doing the things on this list won’t just extend the life of your system; they’ll also keep you safe when it’s time to turn up the heat! Here are three things that homeowners in Tennessee can do to get ready for the cold months.

Change the Air Filters

man removing dirty ac filter in residential houseYour air filter is one of the most important (and overlooked) things in an AC system or heater. The air filter is designed to catch hair, dirt, dust, mold, and other types of debris before they enter your HVAC system, preventing the particles from being pumped throughout your house by the air ducts.

When you’re getting ready to switch your furnace on, make sure that you’ve either cleaned your air filter or you’ve replaced it. Many homeowners forget to clean and change their furnace air filters, which can cause issues for you and your system. A dirty filter will restrict air flow, causing your furnace to work harder and longer for the same results. This unnecessary stress on your system can lead to damage and poor performance, which can cause costly breakdowns.

Homeowners should replace their air filters every month for the cleanest air and the best performance.

Test Your Furnace

It may seem silly and simple, but you should turn on the thermostat for your heater before the coldest nights hit. By testing your system, you can know ahead of time if it makes strange noises, smells weird, won’t start, or isn’t blowing hot air. If you notice anything wrong, you can schedule an inspection from your local HVAC company.

If your furnace won’t start, double-check that the gas line is turned on, the power switch is flipped to the right setting, and the pilot light is ignited. These are the most common ways that homeowners can troubleshoot their furnace issues without calling a specialist, and this will solve your problem 99% of the time.

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

carbon monoxide detectorSmoke and carbon monoxide detectors are a critical component of home safety! When was the last time you checked yours?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas that, when inhaled, can cause CO poisoning and death. Because carbon monoxide is so difficult to notice, CO detectors are one of the most effective ways to protect your home, family, and pets from CO poisonings. They monitor the air in your home and alarm if they detect carbon monoxide fumes in the air.

When it comes to furnaces, your carbon monoxide detectors are especially important. Malfunctioning furnaces can cause carbon monoxide to accumulate inside your home, putting you and your family at risk. Test your detectors before turning on your furnace to see if you need to have them serviced, the batteries replaced, or the detector updated.

Is It the Right Time to Have Your Furnace Inspected?

Another great way to keep your furnace in tip top shape is to schedule seasonal maintenance with a professional HVAC team like ours! Right Time HVAC is a full-service heating, cooling, and ventilation company servicing all areas of Middle Tennessee and Nashville. Beyond repairs and installations, we can also help you get your furnace ready for winter with comprehensive seasonal service, which includes a full inspection, safety testing, and complete cleaning for your system. Schedule today!



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