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How Do I Get My Air Conditioner Ready for Summer?


How Do I Get My Air Conditioner Ready for Summer?

girl changing the thermostat in houseSummer is almost here, with temperatures soaring into the 90s next week. And while we love the fun outside activities and vacation days that come with summertime, they can also be unbearable buggy, humid, and hot. The perfect recipe for those 90 degree days? Relaxing in your ice-cold home with a cup of sweet tea.

However, a huge part of preparing for summer means making sure that your AC system is ready to rock and roll. And that means that it’s the Right Time to do a little seasonal maintenance! This month, we’re helping you get ready for summertime temps with these three tips from our HVAC team. Check it out!

Why Prep is So Important

sunflowers on top of an air conditioning condenserSpring is the perfect time to make sure that your system is ready to operate in the hottest months of the year. Preparing for summertime is vital to keeping your repair and energy costs down while getting better cooling. Prep usually involves steps for DIY maintenance that will help your air conditioner run efficiently the whole season!

Everyone loves saving money and staying comfortable – so let’s take a look at the three things we recommend for doing just that:

  • Change Out Your Air Conditioning Filter
  • Clean Around the Outside Unit
  • Schedule a Professional Maintenance Service Call

Change Your Filter

man removing dirty ac filter in residential houseChanging out your air filter is one of the most important (and most overlooked) types of air conditioning system maintenance. Your air filter collects allergens, particles, dust, and pet fur as the air cycles through your system, cleaning it. When the filter gets clogged, it reduces the system’s ability to cool and restricts the airflow, putting strain on your AC. If left long enough, it can actually increase the wear and tear on your air conditioner and even cause it to shut off.

Change your air filter every month or every two months. Spring is a good time to clean or replace your air filter since you won’t have been using your cooling system as often during the winter. It’ll put you off to a great start for the hot months!

Tidy Up Your Outside Unit

outside air conditioning unit surrounded by leavesWith storms, wind, and snow during the cool months, it’s time to head outside and see how much debris, plants, and grass have grown up near your condenser. Cleaning the area around your outside unit is an important step for improving your AC’s performance. Cut the grass, rake leaves, and trim away plants that are blocking the unit before you turn it on.

Once the warmer months roll around, you’ll want to clear out the area around the outside AC unit every month, since plants will be growing faster.

Schedule Professional AC Maintenance

technician checking refrigerant levels of ac systemThe best way to make sure that your air conditioning system is in good shape? Check with the experts. Most HVAC companies have a comprehensive maintenance service that checks refrigerant levels, cleans and inspects components, and tests to make sure that all of the important parts are in good shape. Routine maintenance is just like changing out the oil in your car!

This will also catch any parts that are on the way out. General wear and tear will cause parts to need to be replaced or fixed over time; seasonal service helps you catch these issues before they become even bigger (and more expensive)!

Get Your System Ready with Right Time HVAC

Are you in Nashville, Tennessee or the middle Tennessee area? Then it’s the Right Time to call our company! We offer seasonal maintenance for both heating and air conditioning systems. In addition, our full-service technician team can conduct new unit installations, indoor air quality, duct work, and repairs for all types of systems. Call us today for all of your residential and commercial HVAC needs!



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